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The HSE no longer recommend a prefered route of course delivery.  The onus is on the employer to decide if the training organisation meets their requirements.

Mountain Trauma Rescue Services are an 'Independant Provider' of first aid courses.  This means that we feel our internal governance, staff's clinical and educational skills and quality assurance processes exceed the minimum standards as suggested by the HSE.

All of our courses are delivered by active healthcare professionals and rescue personnel, so rest assured you will be taught the most current, best, first aid practice.  Our education team are overseen by educational experts and our medical director, Dr Will Jones.

Further guideance can be found on the HSE website - "Selecting a First Aid Training Provider"

Please contact us if you wish to see our latest policies detailing how we meet and exceed the minimum standards.

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Event Safety

Competitor safety is key to successful events and maintaining a good reputation in a highly competitive market.  That's why we are now offering more than just medical services.  Contact us to discuss how we can help you with communications, timing, route managment, marshalling, security and much, much more -

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